Does My Home Insurance Cover My Pets?

Many households in Texas have pets like cats or dogs, which are typically treated as members of the family. As much as you see your German shepherd, ferret, or tortoise as part of your family, your home insurance policy may not be as considerate.

So, are my pets covered?

Generally speaking, pets are covered under home insurance policies. Most insurance firms give liability coverage if your pet bites a visitor at your home or damages the property of your neighbor.

However, household pets have some particular risks, and some kinds of pets are seen to have more risk than others. As a result, insurance firms might charge you more premium or utterly refuse to give you coverage if you have a particular dog breed or exotic creature that they consider more likely to injure people. For example, a cobra may be deemed too risky.

In most situations, insurance providers might not even assess the demeanor of your pet before they decide to approve or deny insurance coverage. Preferably, they are more likely to consider insurance claims made for specific pets.

All policies are different. Therefore, you should get in touch with your insurance provider first to ask what sort of pets can receive coverage. Shell Insurance Agency can work with you to find a policy that can handle your pet situation in the Houston, TX area and throughout the state.

What does your home insurance cover?

It is important to note that while your home insurance will provide liability coverage in the case your pet ruins somebody else’s property or injures somebody, it generally does not cover damage done to your own home or an occupant in your home. For instance, if your Cocker Spaniel chews on your furniture or bites your 12-year old child, you will have to cover the expenses yourself.

Shell Insurance Agency is here to answer all your home insurance questions for residents of Houston, TX and throughout the area. Contact us today to learn more.