Assessing and staying safe from floods: Flood Insurance

We work hard in our prime years, making huge investments into homeownership and property development, but how well prepared are we in the eventuality of floods?

Keep your worries at bay. At Shell Insurance Agency in Deer Park, TX, we have an insurance policy that covers just that. Flood insurance covers property loss from flooding. The home owner’s insurance policy does not include this risk.

Do you need Flood Insurance?

Analysis by the Federal Emergency Management Agency indicates that the leading disaster in the USA is flooding. Low-risk areas accounted for 20% of flood claims. Every home is susceptible to floods and hence the need for a flood insurance policy. We have no control over the weather and can, therefore, not control extreme levels of damage. We can rest easy knowing that we can recover the losses through an insurance policy. Important to note is the policy has a 30-day waiting period.

What does the flood insurance cover?

The flood insurance policy in Texas applies to businesses, condos, mobile homes, fixed structure homes, and rentals. Flood insurance has two coverage parts, your personal belongings and your home.

Building property coverage protects the physical structure of your home, its foundation, central area, electrical systems, heating systems, and detached garage. All repair cost for the primary residence is catered for by the policy and vacation homes on the cash value.

Personal contents coverage covers some portable appliances, electronics, certain valuables, and clothing. Depreciation is put into the account on payouts.

What does the insurance not cover?

Flood insurance policies often do not cover the following:

  • Paper valuables
  • Outdoor property
  • Temporary housing
  • Self-propelled vehicles and cars
  • Damage from mildew

Visit our Shell Insurance Agents in Deer Park, TX today to get further information on our flood insurance policy as well as get assistance in selecting the policy suitable for you!