What constitutes identity theft?

You look over your credit card statement and notice what appears to be unauthorized charges. At first, you consider the possibility of you buying items and then forgetting that you made such purchases. Then, reality hits. You were not in town when these purchases were made. You may be the victim of identity theft.

Identity theft strikes more than 16 million Americans every year and shows no signs of slowing down in the coming years. The digital age contributes to the increasing numbers as more consumers use credit and debit cards to make purchases. You may not be able to stop every instance of identity theft in Deer Park, TX. You can, however, know what constitutes identity theft and take action to protect yourself.

The agents at Shell Insurance Agency can help you find the identity theft insurance plan that protects your assets when the unexpected happens. Read on to learn more about identity theft.

What counts as identity theft?

You are the victim of identity theft in Deer Park, TX if unauthorized charges appear on your credit card or bank statement. Identity theft also extends to law and order where a person commits a crime in your name and, as a result of their wrongdoing, you are forced to deal with the repercussions.

Some victims of identity theft find themselves dealing with the consequences of warrants because of traffic fines they never received. Legal fees, in this instance, have a way of wreaking havoc.

How can you protect yourself?

The best way to guard yourself against the consequences of identity theft is to seek protection. The agents at Shell Insurance Agency can help you find the assurance policy that protects you in the unimaginable instance of you becoming a victim of identity theft. Call them today to learn more about this rising crime and to get started with a quote!