Why It’s Important to Do a Home Inventory Before Getting Homeowner’s Insurance

Are you thinking about getting home insurance in the near future? Before you do so, you’ll want to conduct an inventory of what your home contains. Anything that’s in your home or on your property, in general, is considered to be personal property for insurance purposes. The insurance experts at the Shell Insurance Agency of the Deer Park, TX area can help you sort this out.

Why Complete a Home Inventory

It’s a good idea to make up a home inventory so that you can compare the value of your personal items to the contents limit that’s in your insurance policy. This way, you’ll know that you have adequate coverage to be able to replace items if they’re destroyed, lost, or stolen (as long as it’s considered to be a covered loss). You might use a video camera or a regular camera to record and describe what you have as you walk around your house.

Keep Receipts

It’s important to keep receipts with your list, especially if they’re for big-ticket items. This helps a great deal with the claims process.

Store the Inventory Documentation Offsite

Place your inventory list/video footage/photos somewhere besides your home. This way, if there’s a fire or some other damage to your property, you’ll still have your documentation.

Update Records as Often as Necessary

You should update your records any time that you purchase new valuables including furnishings. It can be easy to forget with the hectic pace of life, but it’s necessary for when you go to file a claim or you could risk not getting the coverage for the item(s).

On that note, even if you can’t complete your inventory list, it’s better to try to get as much as possible in your inventory with brand names, serial numbers, and descriptions.

Reach out to Shell Insurance Agency, serving the Deer Park, TX area. We’re happy to assist new and returning clients with their questions and concerns about valuables insurance.