Why basic auto insurance may not be right for you

If you are a driver in Texas, you have more than 300,000 miles of roads to choose from. That gives you lots of choices, pretty much like what you get from your independent insurance agents. Choices are always a good thing. At Shell Insurance Agency in Deer Park, TX, we are locally owned and we listen to our customers’ needs and work to customize the perfect coverage. 

Basic auto insurance is just that, basic insurance. It is the least amount you can legally get away with. In Texas, that is 30/60/25 which means $30,000 coverage for one person injured in an accident with the maximum for the entire accident of $60.000, An additional $25,000 is for property damage. 

Imagine that it is a very bad accident and involves an expensive car. The totals can go way beyond the basic amount. If it does go above what your insurance covers, you could be responsible for the additional amount. That could be life-changing. If you can’t manage that payment, upping the amount of liability insurance you carry is a good idea. 

Basic auto insurance isn’t right for you if you have a car loan or you lease a vehicle. You need to have insurance on the vehicle and that requires collision and comprehensive coverage. You may also want to have collision and comprehensive coverage if your car is more than a couple of thousand dollars in value and you use it every day to carry on with your normal activities. Not being able to repair or replace your vehicle isn’t an option for most people.

Basic auto insurance is right for some people, but it may not be right for you. Talk to your insurance agent about what is the best amount for you. 

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