Do You Need Auto Insurance While Your Car’s in Storage?

Insuring Stored Cars

Many people will assume a stored car does not need to be insured since it will not be in use and it is in a protected location. There may be short-term savings, but in the event of a disaster such as fire or theft, while you are away, you may find this a costlier option that maintains coverage.

Some drawbacks to not maintaining insurance could be a gap in your coverage. This could increase your insurance costs if you are identified as a high-risk. If there are major accidents or your vehicle is damaged, it won’t be covered without insurance. Also, if you are financing your vehicle you may require insurance anyways. All factors to consider when deciding to insure your stored vehicle or not.

At Shell Insurance Agency in Deer Park, TX we have agents who can help you determine what kind of insurance may be right for you should you decide to store your vehicle for any length of time.

Benefits of Insuring Your Stored Vehicle

It may be possible to reduce your current insurance and have comprehensive-only. There may be some requirements depending on the ownership status of the vehicle, but with this type of insurance, you can avoid a lapse in coverage as well as protecting your vehicle from natural disasters like hail and also theft.

Quality Insurance From a Trusted Agency

Contact Shell Insurance Agency in Deer Park, TX today to speak with an agent about insuring stored vehicles and actively driven cars as well. Our company has a long history of helping vehicle owners get the best insurance possible. We also offer a range of other insurance products for home and other assets. We look forward to helping you with all your insurance needs.