What is Identity Theft Insurance and What Does It Cover?

While today’s technology has made life easier in many ways, one drawback is the potential of identity theft. Fortunately, identity theft insurance is available to cover some of the losses you may incur if this happens to you.

What Does Identity Theft Insurance Cover?

Identity theft insurance will reimburse you for money spent on reclaiming your financial identity correcting any of your credit reports that were adversely affected by the incident. This can include help from an attorney and lost wages and repairing their credit reports. Some policies even offer an identity theft specialist to help you navigate the system while getting back on track.

In addition to legal fees and lost wages, identity theft insurance will assist you in obtaining copies of your credit reports, long-distance phone calls made to clear up your accounts, notary fees, cost of postage for mailing necessary documents, child care costs while you take care of things, and credit monitoring services. It does not cover any direct financial losses that you may suffer as a result of identity theft.

How Do You Obtain Identity Theft Insurance?

To obtain identity theft insurance, you will need to contact a trusted insurance agent. If you have a homeowner’s insurance policy or renters insurance policy already in place, first check to see if identity theft is already included in your policy. If not, you can add it to one of those policies or purchase it as a policy by itself. The cost is low in both situations, but check with your insurance agent to determine which way is best for you and your situation.

You will also want to check out your options on coverage amounts that are available and how much your deductible, if any, will be under the policy.

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