Everything you need to know about ID theft insurance

Identity theft insurance, or ID theft coverage, is critical for any individual or business with any sort of online presence, given the ease with which malicious actors regularly obtain access to confidential financial information. ID theft insurance protects you in the event that someone steals your identity and attempts to use your private information to make unauthorized purchases or open credit lines in your name. 

What is ID theft insurance?

ID theft insurance typically provides assistance in the event your personal financial information is stolen and used. It kicks in after an adverse event and offers reimbursement to cover many of the expenses often incurred when attempting to recover control over your identity. It’s important to remember that insurance coverage can vary by location. We at the Shell Insurance Agency have tons of experience helping Deer Park, TX individuals and businesses understand the available options. 

What kinds of events does it cover?

There’s no one-size-fits-all ID theft plan, so make sure you understand precisely what’s covered to ensure that your most important assets are protected before making a purchase. Many plans will help pay for legal and notarial fees incurred as part of the recovery process. Rectifying ID theft is often a time-consuming process, so some insurance plans provide assistance for child care expenses and lost wages. Others offer compensation for mailing and phone expenses related to securing your financial identity. Some plans even provide guidance to help you through the process. 

Reach out — we’re here to help

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