When my child moves out can I still keep them on my auto insurance?

When your children get their driver’s license they get added to the family auto insurance policy. That is the first step they take in the separation process. Keeping your child on the family policy when they move out seems like a good way to help them as they take their first tentative steps into adulthood. But is it something your insurance carrier will allow you to do? At Shell Insurance Agency in Deer Park, TX, we offer top-tier providers and help match our customers up with the provider and policy that fits their needs. 

When your children move out to go to college, that is not considered a complete break from your family. They may take one of your family cars with them. Even if they go to school across the country, they will be back for breaks, holidays, and during the summer. As such they are still part of your family unit. They don’t have a permanent address that is different than your family. This works even if they rent an apartment near the college, it is temporary. This will allow your child to have the four-year advantage of being on the family auto insurance policy. If they move back after college, even if they have a job they can stay on your policy indefinitely. 

When it gets dicey is when they take a job in another city and completely move away from the family home. Many insurance companies use the criteria of financial independence as the point at which they need to get their own auto insurance. If they own their own home or apartment then they are financially independent. If they get married, they are independent. In some cases, if they rent they can still stay on your policy. Check with your carrier to verify their criteria. 

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