Does My Standard Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Cover Outbuildings?

If you have a detached garage or a stand-alone shed in your backyard, you may be wondering if your standard homeowner’s insurance policy covers these outbuildings. Fortunately, most home insurance policies cover outbuildings that are separate or detached from the primary building.

Coverage Basics

If your property has a shed, gazebo, guest house, pool house, deck, or fence, these structures are called outbuildings and have the same insurance coverage as the primary home. However, it’s wise to check just how much protection these buildings have.

For example, if you have outbuildings on your property for business purposes, your primary home insurance policy may not cover any damage to these buildings. In some cases, you need to buy additional coverage for outbuildings you use for a business.

Know the Risks

Most standard home insurance policies cover damage for risks like theft, fire, or other named perils, including the risks to external structures. However, these buildings have the same coverage as the primary building. So, it’s essential to check how much coverage you have – especially if you have high-value structures on your property.

Examine Coverage B of Your Homeowners Policy

Coverage B of your home insurance policy details how much protection you have for detached structures. Knowing which outbuildings aren’t covered under your standard policy is also vital. For example, some policies don’t cover detached structures used for agricultural purposes. And, any outbuilding you use for rental purposes – like renting a guest house – might not have the same coverage as other detached structures.

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