What to Expect from Flood Insurance

Extreme weather patterns over the years have resulted in countless flood events all across the country. Texas is no stranger to flood disasters. As home insurance doesn’t cover flood damage, we recommend Texas homeowners purchase flood coverage. Here’s what a flood insurance policy from Shell Insurance Agency in Deer Park, TX has to offer. 

Flood Events Covered by Flood Insurance 

Flood insurance protects both your home and personal belongings against major flood loss. Flood insurance covers water damage caused by rising lakes or rivers, storm surges, heavy downpours that cause flooding, dam overflows, mudflows and melting snow.

As many Texas homeowners have recently discovered, floods aren’t limited to flood zone areas. Even if you don’t live in a flood zone, you’re at risk of flood disasters. With flood insurance, you can be prepared for any eventuality. 

Protection Offered by Flood Policies

Flood policies offer two types of coverage: building and contents. You can purchase just building coverage, just contents coverage or both. Each has their own deductible, which is the part that you pay before coverage kicks in.

Building coverage protects your home’s structure. It covers flood damage to foundation walls, electrical and plumbing systems, wall-to-wall carpeting, staircases, furnaces, water heaters, cabinets, built-in appliances and detached garages. You can buy building coverage for up to $250,000.

Contents coverage protects your belongings. This includes clothes, furniture, electronics, major appliances, paintings, curtains, blinds and more. You can buy contents coverage for up to $100,000. Just so you’re aware, contents coverage is for the actual cash value of your goods at the time of loss – not current replacement costs.

Benefits of Flood Insurance Coverage

Flood insurance provides financial support to help you recover from flood disasters. To purchase flood coverage for your Deer Park, TX home, give Shell Insurance Agency a call.