Filing a Non-accident Auto Insurance Claim

When you need to file a claim on your auto insurance that does not involve an accident, call your agent at Shell Insurance Agency serving Deer Park, TX, first. We’ll guide you through the process, beginning with whether the policy you purchased covers the item you want to file a claim on.

If you purchased comprehensive or collision insurance, you pay a deductible. If your repairs cost less than the deductible, your insurance won’t pay for anything. If it costs more than the deductible, once you’ve paid the amount of the deductible for the repairs, your insurance kicks in if you file a claim.

What does collision insurance cover?

Typically, if you hit a deer or another animal and it damages your vehicle, your collision covers that. It takes care of repairs to your vehicle from single-vehicle accidents, just as it does in cases of multiple vehicle accidents. Other examples include hitting a mailbox, the closed garage door, a fence, etc.

What does comprehensive insurance cover?

If a named peril damages your vehicle, such as a flood or tornado, your comprehensive coverage handles the repair costs. It also covers theft, damage by another individual to your vehicle during acts of civil disobedience or disorder, vandalism, windshield or window damage, fire, and falling objects. This type of coverage also frequently includes a deductible requirement, so if your repairs cost less than the deductible, you won’t need to file a claim because your insurance would not pay anything.

Filing a Claim with Your Carrier

At Shell Insurance Agency, we write policies underwritten by 30 insurance companies. Each company offers its own online interface for filing a claim and phone number for verbally filing a claim.

  1. Visit our carriers page to find your insurance carrier.
  2. Phone the toll-free number listed for your carrier if you want to file a claim by phone.
  3. Click on the link provided for your carrier’s “File a Claim” website.
  4. Choose from individual or business insurance claims.
  5. Follow the prompts for the insurance company to provide all needed information. In most cases, you’ll need to upload photos of your vehicle’s damage and provide at least one quote from a licensed, certified repair technician on repair costs.

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