3 Benefits of Flood Insurance

We love our homes because it’s the safe haven for our family and pets. While most homeowners understand the importance of protecting their homes, buying flood insurance never crosses their minds until their mortgage lender asks them.

Over the past years, the US has experienced record-breaking floods, resulting in property damage and loss of lives. Without flood insurance, you may be staring at losses when floods damage your home. While you may expect federal assistance, this is not always the case. 

So, why do I need flood insurance in Deer Park, TX? Shell Insurance Agency shares benefits you enjoy when you invest in flood insurance.

To protect your home

Water damage can cause devastating damage. Did you know that just a one-inch rise of water may cost about $25,000 in repairs? Because floods can cause costly damages to your home, you require flood insurance to save you the hassle of financing the repairs from your pocket.

But I don’t live in a flood-risk area? Floods are unpredictable and can strike anywhere. Data from FEMA shows that about 20% of all flood insurance claims arise from residents living in moderate to mild flood-risk areas. 

For peace of mind

Instead of shuddering every time the weatherman mentions an imminent storm, purchase flood insurance to live a stress-free life. This way, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your loved ones when you hear of imminent bad weather. 

To keep your loved ones safe

The worst part about floods is that your home insurance doesn’t cover your home when damaged. As such, your loved ones might be rendered homeless when floods strike. Thankfully, a flood insurance plan protects the safe haven of your dear ones when the unexpected strike.

Buy flood insurance today!

Featuring several rivers and their proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, floods are a reality in Deer Park, TX. But how can I be safe? The surest line of defense is purchasing flood insurance from Shell Insurance Agency. Contact us today for an affordable quote.