Required Auto Insurance in Texas

All Texas vehicles are required to have auto insurance. It’s also the law that you must have proof of insurance with you and show it to police officers when they ask to see it. If you have an auto lender, they will also require that you have this coverage, and they usually require you to have more types of coverage than are required by law. The law requires a couple of types of liability coverage for every vehicle registered in the state. When you need auto insurance, don’t wait. Call us at Shell Insurance Agency in Deer Park, TX.

Liability Coverage

There are two types of required liability coverage, and it must be available in three different amounts. The first amount is bodily injury liability for a single person who is injured in an accident that is judged to be your fault. The second amount is for bodily injury liability for everyone injured in the accident. The third amount is for property damage liability. This pays for the damage to other people’s property, such as vehicles and buildings. All of these amounts are average for other states, but you may want to get more of this coverage than is required so that you can pay for expensive accidents. However, none of this liability coverage will pay for your own damages after an accident that was your fault. 

Other Auto Coverage

The state doesn’t require you to have collision or comprehensive coverage, but your auto lender probably will. Collision coverage is for paying for the damage to your own vehicle if you should cause an accident that damages it. Comprehensive insurance protects you against several different risks when you aren’t driving the vehicle. 

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