An Overview of ID Theft Insurance

What is ID Theft Insurance? 

Identity theft insurance is financial protection created to cover potential expenses that may happen from being victimized by fraud. With the right policy for your situation, you can tons of money, energy, and time. It can shield you from criminals who dare to prey on you by fraud. ID theft insurance covers some costs associated with identity theft. This type of insurance reimburses policyholders who are fraud victims who are repairing their credit reports and reclaiming their financial identities. Also, these policies usually provide professionals who can guide victims in the identity restoration process. 

What Does ID Theft Insurance Cover? 

As previously stated, identity theft insurance reimburses some of the expenses that are incurred on a daily basis and in the restoration efforts of your identity and credit. Thus, depending on the ID theft insurance policy, the following includes a list of expenses that may be covered

  • Your credit reports’ copies
  • Notary fees
  • Lost wages
  • Mailing documents
  • Child care costs
  • Legal fees
  • Credit monitoring services

Please note that direct, incurred financial losses resulting from identity theft are not covered. ID theft insurance only covers some expenses that occurred after identity theft happened.  


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