A Quick Overview of ID Insurance

Identity theft has become a significant issue in recent years. Criminals can utilize stolen identities to open credit cards, illegally withdraw money from bank accounts, make unauthorized purchases, and more. Considering ID theft insurance is a wise decision as it can offer essential coverage should you fall victim to identity theft. For those located in Deer Park, TX, Shell Insurance Agency is always available to discuss ID theft insurance options and other policies.

Understanding Identity Theft Insurance

The FBI reported a staggering 27,000 cases of identity theft in 2022 alone. However, this is probably an understatement of the problem’s extent. The FTC received over 850,000 complaints of identity theft in 2023. With the emergence of artificial intelligence, criminals are finding new, advanced means for identity theft, suggesting that cases may rise in the future.

Credit card fraud is perhaps the most common type of identity theft. The FTC received over 850,000 complaints of alleged credit card scams in 2023. Furthermore, businesses reported a loss of over $750 million in the same year due to these frauds.

Identity theft insurance can offer vital coverage if you become a target for these criminals. The exact coverage will depend on the specifics of your plan. Generally, ID insurance policies offer wide-ranging coverage, and the limits may be higher than those of general homeowners’ insurance and other policies. This helps you remain secure, limiting your losses even in the unfortunate event of identity theft. Detailed discussions with an insurance agent about what is covered and what’s not is always recommended.

For residents and nearby communities in Deer Park, TX, looking for a competent insurance agency, consider Shell Insurance Agency. We are well-equipped to assist you with ID theft insurance and a wide range of other policies.

Does Renters Insurance Cover Identity Theft?

Renters Insurance and Identity Theft

In a typical year, over a million Americans report identity theft. This crime often involves someone using your identity and financial information to acquire loans, purchase goods, or commit other unlawful activities. Residents of Deer Park, TX with renter’s insurance may wonder if this coverage offers any protection against losses resulting from identity theft.

Your Coverage

Most standard renter’s insurance policies don’t fully cover identity theft; however, they may include coverage for specific scenarios like check or credit card misuse. The details are stated in your policy documents. In contrast, to attain comprehensive identity theft coverage, one must either add an identity theft rider to their renter’s insurance or purchase a separate policy altogether.

Benefits of Identity Theft Insurance

Regardless of how it’s acquired, identity theft insurance aids victims in recovering their identities and correcting false credit record information. The insurance may cover related expenses such as postage, fees, legal services, credit monitoring, notarization services, and even income loss, usually past a given deductible.

If left unchecked, a thief’s activities can affect your credit score, thereby hindering your access to housing, loans, insurance, and employment. Having identity theft insurance provides you with the resources to prevent further misuse of your identity and mitigate the damage.

Getting Insurance from Shell Insurance Agency

If you need reliable identity theft or renters insurance, call Shell Insurance Agency in Deer Park, TX. We can help you decide on the best way to add identity theft coverage to an existing policy or get separate insurance. Contact us at 713-844-1111 today.

Why Flood Insurance Is Important Even If You Don’t Live Near Water

Are you aware if you have flood insurance or not? Many homeowners either assume they do or don’t know.

Flood insurance is not included with most standard insurance policies and must be purchased separately. But what if you don’t live near water? Should you still consider acquiring flood insurance? At Shell Insurance Agency, serving Deer Park, TX, and the region, we think some factors should be considered.

Heavy Rains

Heavy Texas rains can inundate your water drainage and sewer systems whether you live near a river or lake. This can flood fields, roadways, retention ponds, and potentially even your home. Low-lying areas can initially sustain flooding, but if storms persist, more and more homes can suffer damage.

Changing Climate and Flood Zones

When you first took out your home insurance policy, your home may not have been in a flood zone or high flood-risk area. That can change over time. What may not have been a risk may now be. Flood insurance may now be prudent.

New Construction and Housing Developments

Many areas in and around Deep Park, TX, are growing. This means new construction and housing developments. This can change how water drains and moves away from your home. Flooding can become more likely if you live in an area that is growing. Revisit your decision not to get flood insurance. Shell Insurance can help guide you.

Flood insurance is generally an option. It must be secured separately from your basic home insurance policy. This can make it easy to dismiss to save a few dollars. But the reason you have homeowners insurance in the first place is to prevent you from financial loss. Ignoring flooding may not be the best decision.

Shell Insurance of Deer Park, TX can help protect your investment in your home. Please contact us to discuss your home insurance and review your coverage. We can shed light on your current coverage and provide a price quote. Contact us today for the homeowners and flood insurance you deserve in Deer Park, TX.

Protect Your Online Finances with ID Theft Insurance

If hackers or thieves steal your identity, you could end up footing the bill for fraudulent charges. It can also impact your credit history. Fortunately, you can defend yourself against sophisticated attacks with ID theft insurance. The agents at Shell Insurance Agency in Deer Park, TX can help you find the right policy to meet your needs. 

How ID Theft Insurance Protects You Online

Criminals use malware and deception to obtain your personal information online. Sometimes, it only takes a single click on the wrong link to allow cyber thieves to track your activity. Fortunately, identity theft insurance provides a shield against potential losses associated with a stolen identity. Ask one of our knowledgeable agents about the different policies that might work best for you.

What Identity Theft Insurance Covers

Cunning criminals lurk online, waiting for your guard to slip. That’s why it’s so important to protect your online finances against hackers and bad actors.

Most policies help you pay for or eliminate fraudulent charges. You can also find policies that include credit history repairs and legal assistance to guide you through the recovery stage. With the right policy, you can receive reimbursement for various related costs. 

What does ID theft insurance cover? Usually, it handles fees associated with restoring your credits. It may pay for legal fees for court hearings and attorneys. If you need to replace your driver’s license or other compromised documents, your policy might cover those costs, too. 

Lost wages can further jeopardize your financial health. Therefore, you might want to find an insurer that covers lost wages and the cost of flagging your accounts with fraud alerts. Bank fees resulting from fraudulent activity are also included in some policies. 

Contact Shell Insurance Agency in Deer Park, TX to learn how ID theft insurance can protect your mind.

What to Expect from Flood Insurance

Extreme weather patterns over the years have resulted in countless flood events all across the country. Texas is no stranger to flood disasters. As home insurance doesn’t cover flood damage, we recommend Texas homeowners purchase flood coverage. Here’s what a flood insurance policy from Shell Insurance Agency in Deer Park, TX has to offer. 

Flood Events Covered by Flood Insurance 

Flood insurance protects both your home and personal belongings against major flood loss. Flood insurance covers water damage caused by rising lakes or rivers, storm surges, heavy downpours that cause flooding, dam overflows, mudflows and melting snow.

As many Texas homeowners have recently discovered, floods aren’t limited to flood zone areas. Even if you don’t live in a flood zone, you’re at risk of flood disasters. With flood insurance, you can be prepared for any eventuality. 

Protection Offered by Flood Policies

Flood policies offer two types of coverage: building and contents. You can purchase just building coverage, just contents coverage or both. Each has their own deductible, which is the part that you pay before coverage kicks in.

Building coverage protects your home’s structure. It covers flood damage to foundation walls, electrical and plumbing systems, wall-to-wall carpeting, staircases, furnaces, water heaters, cabinets, built-in appliances and detached garages. You can buy building coverage for up to $250,000.

Contents coverage protects your belongings. This includes clothes, furniture, electronics, major appliances, paintings, curtains, blinds and more. You can buy contents coverage for up to $100,000. Just so you’re aware, contents coverage is for the actual cash value of your goods at the time of loss – not current replacement costs.

Benefits of Flood Insurance Coverage

Flood insurance provides financial support to help you recover from flood disasters. To purchase flood coverage for your Deer Park, TX home, give Shell Insurance Agency a call.  

The Basics of Identity Theft Insurance

Identity theft occurs when someone gains access to your credit cards, account numbers, or computerized information intending to defraud. The Federal Trade Commission reported that identity theft affected more than 1.4 million Americans in 2021, so nearly anyone could be affected. Given the potential impact, feel free to contact the Shell Insurance Agency, serving Deer Park, TX, to determine whether identity theft insurance should be part of your insurance plan.

What’s Covered By Identity Theft Insurance?

Victims of identity theft may incur out-of-pocket expenses to fix the problem and spend substantial time doing so, and they may suffer direct financial losses. Identity theft policies range from basic to comprehensive, so the following list identifies how you could be affected by identity theft and the expenses and losses covered by different policies.

Out-of-pocket expenses may include:

  • Obtaining copies of your credit report
  • Notary, certified mail, and bank fees
  • Legal fees and court costs
  • Telephone costs

Due to the time required to repair your identity and reputation, some policies also cover the following:

  • Wages lost while resolving issues
  • Child care costs

More comprehensive policies may reimburse or cover the following:

  • Stolen funds
  • Credit monitoring
  • Identity restoration specialists who handle tasks so you can return to work.
  • Data restoration specialists (following a cyberattack)

Generally, those with more assets and whose time is most valuable need more comprehensive coverage, but everyone’s situation and needs differ. 

Working With Shell Insurance Agency

Many gain comfort knowing their families have identity theft protection. In a world where anything can happen, the Shell Insurance Agency team, serving Deer Park, TX, can help you gain that protection. So give us a call or stop in today.

Do You Need Flood Insurance?

Keeping your home safe and protecting the investment you have made is crucial to your financial security. Flood damage can be a devastating event in the life of a homeowner. At Shell Insurance Agency, serving Deer Park, TX, and the surrounding areas, we are here to help you better understand flood insurance options. Keep reading to learn more. 

Is Flood Insurance Included In My Homeowner’s Policy?

Often, flood insurance is not included in a homeowner’s policy. This is because flood risks can be very different from place to place. This makes it difficult for underwriters to create insurance policies that are one size fits all kind of policy. Flood insurance policies often need to be customized to your particular needs and risk factors. 

What’s The Difference Between Natural Flooding and Interior Flooding?

Interior flooding refers to flooding within your home due to plumbing or appliance malfunctions. This type of flooding is often included in your homeowner’s policy. 

Naturally occurring flooding would be flooding that results from natural disasters or events that are taking place outside your home. You often need a flood insurance policy in addition to your homeowner’s policy to cover this type of damage. 

Do I Need Flood Insurance?

The answer to this question can vary from person to person. Some homes are located in areas with so little chance of flooding that they may not be needed. Other homes are located in very high-risk flood zones. The best way to determine whether you need this type of coverage is to talk with an insurance representative. 

To learn more about flood insurance, please get in touch with us at Shell Insurance Agency, serving Deer Park, TX, and the surrounding areas. 

Do You Need Identity Theft Insurance?

Identity theft is a surprisingly common problem that Americans face, with a new theft occurring every 22 seconds. Identity thefts are expected to increase over time, with many expected to experience financial loss. You should consult an insurance agent for protection if you’re somebody with a high risk of identity theft. Identity theft insurance is one method of many in protecting yourself in this situation. At Shell Insurance Agency, we’re offering identity theft insurance to the people of Deer Park.

How Do I Know if I Need Identity Theft Insurance

Because the internet is now such a pervasive platform, many use it for banking purposes. Americans have a 1 in 6 chance of losing money to a scam. If you have some of your money stored in a digital storage space – like an online banking account or a payment processor – then identity theft insurance comes highly recommended. 

What to Expect From Identity Theft Insurance

There are various types of protection against identity theft, and insurance offers its own set of benefits. In an identity theft insurance plan, you can expect payment if your identity is stolen. It can also cover additional theft-related fees, like legal aid, application charges, or lost wages on the job. When shopping for this insurance, find policies matching your needs.

Finding Identity Theft Insurance from Deer Park, TX

Ready to purchase an insurance plan that covers situations like identity theft? If so, please contact our Deer Park agency at 713-527-2209. Our team would be happy to discuss insurance options with you. 

Three Wise Ways to Flood-Proof Your Yard

Torrential rainfall, hurricanes, and floods can all cause significant damage to your Deer Park, TX landscape. From Shell Insurance Agency, here are three wise ways to flood-proof your yard and keep your property safe.

Identify Low Areas in Yard to Elevate or Fill In

1. Look for standing water: Areas, where water collects and stands after a rainstorm or sprinkler use, can indicate low spots in the yard.

2. Measure elevation changes: Use a laser level or another tool to measure elevation differences across your yard. Low spots will have a lower elevation than the surrounding area.

3. Look for drainage patterns: If you have a large yard, look for signs of water draining away from specific areas. This could indicate that those areas are lower than the rest of the yard.

Install Sloping Landscapes to Guide Water Away From House

Installing sloping landscapes around your home can help prevent flooding by guiding water away from the house and its foundation. Sloping landscapes are designed to direct surface runoff away from the house, preventing it from pooling around the foundation and causing water damage. They also help prevent water from entering the home in heavy rainfall or floods. By directing water away from the house, sloping landscapes help reduce the risk of flooding, property damage, and costly repairs.

Choose Plants That Can Withstand Flooding

Flood-tolerant plants can be an excellent asset for properties prone to flooding. They have deep roots that help stabilize the soil, preventing erosion and reducing the risk of landslides or mudslides. Additionally, these plants can provide a buffer against rising waters and help absorb excess moisture, thus lessening the impact of flooding on your property.

At Shell Insurance Agency in Deer Park, TX, we provide flood insurance to protect you and your property. With us, you can trust that you’ll be getting quality coverage and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re covered in case of a flood. Contact us today to discover more!

Three reasons why everyone should have ID theft protection

Shell Insurance Agency is here to serve the insurance needs of the Deer Park, TX community. If you have questions about ID theft insurance and how it can help to protect you, we are here to answer them. Call our office or stop by today to find out more.

Top reasons why you should have ID theft protection

  1. ID theft insurance is an effective way to avoid serious financial problems. When your ID is stolen, it can lead to a lot more headaches than just having your accounts changed. Hackers typically use the data they steal to open credit accounts and mortgages. Protecting yourself from this financial risk is smart in today’s environment. 
  2. You can maintain tighter control over your data and information. It can feel like a challenge to successfully protect your privacy and personal data in today’s online world. With an ID theft protection policy, you can access the resources necessary to keep your personal data and online information safe. 
  3. It is an effective way to protect your credit profile and score. We all know how important a healthy credit score is to obtain a loan or open a credit card account. Ensure you have the protection you need to keep a strong credit score. An ID theft policy can alert you to unusual activity before it becomes a problem. 

Contact us today!

If you live in the greater Deer Park, TX area, Shell Insurance Agency is here to help with all your insurance needs. Most people spend a lot of time online and protecting your data, and privacy only makes sense! Give our office a call today and learn more about this important type of insurance.