Does Renters Insurance Cover Identity Theft?

Renters Insurance and Identity Theft

In a typical year, over a million Americans report identity theft. This crime often involves someone using your identity and financial information to acquire loans, purchase goods, or commit other unlawful activities. Residents of Deer Park, TX with renter’s insurance may wonder if this coverage offers any protection against losses resulting from identity theft.

Your Coverage

Most standard renter’s insurance policies don’t fully cover identity theft; however, they may include coverage for specific scenarios like check or credit card misuse. The details are stated in your policy documents. In contrast, to attain comprehensive identity theft coverage, one must either add an identity theft rider to their renter’s insurance or purchase a separate policy altogether.

Benefits of Identity Theft Insurance

Regardless of how it’s acquired, identity theft insurance aids victims in recovering their identities and correcting false credit record information. The insurance may cover related expenses such as postage, fees, legal services, credit monitoring, notarization services, and even income loss, usually past a given deductible.

If left unchecked, a thief’s activities can affect your credit score, thereby hindering your access to housing, loans, insurance, and employment. Having identity theft insurance provides you with the resources to prevent further misuse of your identity and mitigate the damage.

Getting Insurance from Shell Insurance Agency

If you need reliable identity theft or renters insurance, call Shell Insurance Agency in Deer Park, TX. We can help you decide on the best way to add identity theft coverage to an existing policy or get separate insurance. Contact us at 713-844-1111 today.