What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

If it rains, it can flood in Deer Park, TX. And if it floods, you can be counting the unspeakable amount of damage on your structure and the contents inside. So how can you avert this risk? Flood insurance can be an excellent place to start to ensure that you are protected. 

What does flood insurance cover?

Of the many questions we receive here at Shell Insurance Agency, one of the most common is: what does flood insurance cover? In the event of flood damage, your National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) compensates for structural damage (up to $250,000) and the contents inside (up to $100,000). If you feel like these coverages aren’t enough, you can buy extra from a private insurance company at an additional premium.

Flood insurance protects the things you value. Generally, if you buy flood insurance in Texas, it covers the following: 

  • Standard home systems: Here, included are equipment like air conditioners, furnaces, plumbing system, water heater, and electrical system.
  • Carpeting and installed fixtures: Includes damaged built-in cabinets, bookshelves, and paneling.
  • Your building’s foundation and support structures, including the staircase.
  • Personal belongings: This may include electronics, furniture, clothing, and so forth.
  • Detached garage. A maximum of up to 10 percent of your flood insurance can be extended to your garage coverage.

What isn’t covered by home insurance?

There are exclusions to your flood insurance. Some include:

  • Flood damage to the basement and the contents. Typically, flood insurance is calculated based on your home’s lowest elevation point (the foundation level). That said, any structures (like basements) below the foundation may not be covered. 
  • Additional living expenses, but you can cross-check with your agent to be double sure. 
  • Flood damage caused by a sewer backup if the backup hasn’t been caused by flooding.

Deer Park, TX is in proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. As such, the threat of flooding is a genuine cause of fear. Thankfully, you can protect your home with flood insurance from Shell Insurance Agency. Contact us today, and we shall help you protect your home from floods.