How to Add to Your Auto Insurance

While many blogs talk about the minimum required auto coverage in Texas, few blogs talk about increasing your coverage levels. This blog from Shell Insurance Agency explains how to improve the protection insurance provides and how much you can add to each type of coverage.  

Undergo an Auto Insurance Review 

Before you drive on the streets of Deer Park, TX, undergo an auto policy review with our insurance agents. While most people focus on finding the lowest cost premiums, it’s important to consider what happens if you need to use the insurance. That means considering how you would pay for an accident if you caused one and the cost of the typical accident. 

Cost of an Average Accident 

The average U.S. auto accident costs about $15,000 per individual. That means if you cause an accident that involves four cars besides your own, the total cost of liability in the accident would cost you $60,000. You would still need to repair your vehicle and pay your medical bills, so add $15,000 to it for your own costs. You cannot count on the accident to be “average,” so consider that you may need coverage above what the average costs could be.  

Avoid the Minimums

While you probably won’t need coverage that reaches the policy maximums, typically in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, choose a policy that provides you with more coverage than the minimum coverage required by the state. Texas minimum coverage only provides liability coverage, so it only pays for damage you cause to another person. 

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