Do You Really Need Flood Insurance?

Floods can cause extensive damage to a home, leaving you in financial ruin. If you’re concerned about flooding destroying your Deer Park, TX home, talk to an agent from Shell Insurance Agency about obtaining flood insurance. The following facts about flooding and flood insurance protection can help you determine if flood insurance coverage is a wise choice for you.

Flood Facts

As evidenced by recent flood events, flooding can occur almost anywhere, even if you don’t live in a high-risk flood area. According to FEMA, floods are now the country’s number one natural disaster.

It doesn’t take much water to cause extensive damage to your home or destroy personal goods. Heavy rainstorms, rising rivers, and hurricanes can all cause water damage to your home. Without flood insurance, you run the risk of paying for thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs out-of-pocket.

Importance of Flood Insurance Protection

Standard homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover damage caused by flooding. You can, however, purchase separate flood insurance coverage through your Shell Insurance agent to get the flood protection you need.

Flood insurance prices vary depending on the flood risk of your property, the type of coverage you choose and the limits of your policy. You can purchase coverage for just your home, just your goods or both. By combining standard homeowner’s insurance with flood insurance protection, you can have greater peace of mind that your home and assets will be fully protected against unforeseen disasters.

As most flood insurance policies take at least 30 days to go into effect, it’s important to purchase your coverage well before the storm season starts in your area so you can be prepared for any eventuality.  

To learn more about flood insurance options and costs, contact Shell Insurance Agency in Deer Park, TX.