Why Flood Insurance Is Important Even If You Don’t Live Near Water

Are you aware if you have flood insurance or not? Many homeowners either assume they do or don’t know.

Flood insurance is not included with most standard insurance policies and must be purchased separately. But what if you don’t live near water? Should you still consider acquiring flood insurance? At Shell Insurance Agency, serving Deer Park, TX, and the region, we think some factors should be considered.

Heavy Rains

Heavy Texas rains can inundate your water drainage and sewer systems whether you live near a river or lake. This can flood fields, roadways, retention ponds, and potentially even your home. Low-lying areas can initially sustain flooding, but if storms persist, more and more homes can suffer damage.

Changing Climate and Flood Zones

When you first took out your home insurance policy, your home may not have been in a flood zone or high flood-risk area. That can change over time. What may not have been a risk may now be. Flood insurance may now be prudent.

New Construction and Housing Developments

Many areas in and around Deep Park, TX, are growing. This means new construction and housing developments. This can change how water drains and moves away from your home. Flooding can become more likely if you live in an area that is growing. Revisit your decision not to get flood insurance. Shell Insurance can help guide you.

Flood insurance is generally an option. It must be secured separately from your basic home insurance policy. This can make it easy to dismiss to save a few dollars. But the reason you have homeowners insurance in the first place is to prevent you from financial loss. Ignoring flooding may not be the best decision.

Shell Insurance of Deer Park, TX can help protect your investment in your home. Please contact us to discuss your home insurance and review your coverage. We can shed light on your current coverage and provide a price quote. Contact us today for the homeowners and flood insurance you deserve in Deer Park, TX.