Four things that might surprise you about home insurance coverage

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The following are four things that might surprise you about home insurance coverage.  

Home insurance can often include coverage for identity theft damages.

Home insurance doesn’t just offer coverage for issues involving physical damage. These days, home insurance also often offers coverage for costs that result from identity theft.

Standard home insurance policies sometimes exclude coverage for accidents involving trampolines.

If you have a trampoline in your yard, you shouldn’t assume that your home insurance policy will cover injury costs from trampoline use. It would be best if you read the fine print of your policy. Many standard home insurance policies will exclude coverage for recreational equipment in your yard, such as trampolines. 

Home insurance coverage eventually needs to be renewed.

A home insurance policy will cover you for a certain period. Once the term of your home insurance policy is over, you need to renew your policy. Fortunately, renewing a home insurance policy is a quick and straightforward task with most insurance providers. 

Home insurance coverage is not usually required by law.

While home insurance is essential, it’s not required by law in most situations. However, home insurance is required by mortgage lenders. This means you will be obligated to buy home insurance if you still pay off your mortgage. 

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