Why You Should Have ID Theft Insurance Protection

In today’s digital world, identify theft is, unfortunately, becoming more and more common. If you use the internet on a regular basis, as most people do, it’s time to learn more about the benefits of ID theft insurance protection. Shell Insurance Agency offers residents in the greater Houston and Deer Park, TX area this important insurance option that could prove vital if your identity is ever stolen. Don’t wait until you have fallen victim to this all too common crime to find out just how much of a negative impact identity theft can have on your life!

Why Everyone Should Have ID Theft Insurance Protection

When your identity is stolen, it can cause a lot more havoc than a temporary decrease in your credit score. Thieves can sell your information on the dark web, commit crimes under your name, and destroy your reputation. One popular way for criminals to use stolen IDs is through phony payday loans. These loans can be difficult to monitor without insurance and may not be discovered until well after the fact. Don’t fall victim to this nefarious crime!

While protecting yourself from financial harm is the first step in ID theft protection, there are many more benefits to this important insurance protection. In addition to coverage in the event of monetary theft, this protection offers other benefits as well. Your credit reports will be actively monitored to ensure that there aren’t any future losses, and the dark web will be monitored to ensure that your vital information isn’t sold to criminals with malicious intent.  

The team at Shell Insurance Agency is here to help our friends and neighbors in the greater Deer Park, TX community keep their identities protected. Contact us today and find out more about this important insurance option. 

Auto Insurance Add Ons To Consider

Whether you own a brand new car or you drive a classic truck, there are a number of auto insurance options to consider. If you live in or around Deer Park, TX you will want to talk to the team at Shell Insurance Agency to identify the kinds of auto insurance that will work for your particular needs. So no matter how often you drive or the kind of vehicle you have, you’ll find insurance options that fit your needs. 

Personal Injury Protection

This is one kine of automotive insurance add on you should consider. It will help fill in the gaps in health insurance if you are injured while driving. Additionally, if someone else is injured in the accident and they do not have health insurance (or their health insurance doesn’t fully cover the medical needs), this form of insurance can help. 

Roadside Assistance

You can’t always forecast when your vehicle might suffer performance problems. While taking care of your car and following the recommended service schedule can help, there may be times where you have problems during your drive which will leave you on the side of the road. With roadside assistance, you will have access to tow trucks and other roadside help. 

It doesn’t matter if you recently purchased a vehicle or you’ve had the same car and insurance provider for some time, it is always a good idea to shop around for car insurance offerings. This way, you’ll know you have coverage that fits your personal needs. When living in or around greater Deer Park, TX the team at Shell Insurance Agency is here to help. So feel free to give them a call at your earliest convenience to find out how they can help you find the insurance coverage that works for you and your vehicle. 

Do You Really Need Flood Insurance?

Floods can cause extensive damage to a home, leaving you in financial ruin. If you’re concerned about flooding destroying your Deer Park, TX home, talk to an agent from Shell Insurance Agency about obtaining flood insurance. The following facts about flooding and flood insurance protection can help you determine if flood insurance coverage is a wise choice for you.

Flood Facts

As evidenced by recent flood events, flooding can occur almost anywhere, even if you don’t live in a high-risk flood area. According to FEMA, floods are now the country’s number one natural disaster.

It doesn’t take much water to cause extensive damage to your home or destroy personal goods. Heavy rainstorms, rising rivers, and hurricanes can all cause water damage to your home. Without flood insurance, you run the risk of paying for thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs out-of-pocket.

Importance of Flood Insurance Protection

Standard homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover damage caused by flooding. You can, however, purchase separate flood insurance coverage through your Shell Insurance agent to get the flood protection you need.

Flood insurance prices vary depending on the flood risk of your property, the type of coverage you choose and the limits of your policy. You can purchase coverage for just your home, just your goods or both. By combining standard homeowner’s insurance with flood insurance protection, you can have greater peace of mind that your home and assets will be fully protected against unforeseen disasters.

As most flood insurance policies take at least 30 days to go into effect, it’s important to purchase your coverage well before the storm season starts in your area so you can be prepared for any eventuality.  

To learn more about flood insurance options and costs, contact Shell Insurance Agency in Deer Park, TX.

Remodeling Your Home? How It Might Affect Your Home Insurance

Renovations are definitely a milestone to get excited over, whether they’re large or small. However, many homeowners who update their homes don’t stop to think about how that may affect their home coverage from Shell Insurance Agency. the truth is, your policy is subject to change as soon as you start renovations. Read on to learn how renovations in your Deer Park, TX home can affect your coverage.

Remodels Might Increase Your Home Insurance Premium

Though renovations are a wonderful thing, they can be very costly. This isn’t just in terms of the cost of new materials and hiring remodeling contractors.

If the value of your home appreciates, the value of your home insurance must come up as well. After all, there is an extra room or a new front porch to cover in your policy. If you add a swimming pool, that can incur extra rate changes to your coverage on its own. In any case, you must make your home insurance coverage provider aware of the renovations at your house.

What If You Don’t Update Your Home Insurance Coverage?

If you don’t rework your home insurance coverage to include your renovations, you may be able to keep your premium costs down for a while. However, you are likely to incur some unpleasant effects from that decision.

Whatever isn’t covered by your home insurance policy cannot be reimbursed for in a claim. For instance, if you submit a claim for an accident that involved your newly renovated back porch, your insurance agency is not required to cover that accident. Even if a friend or loved one gets hurt, if the policy isn’t updated after the renovation, the new porch is not covered.

Raising Home Insurance Coverage During Renovations

Since you’ll have to report your renovations in order to get adequate coverage from Shell Insurance Agency, you may want to consider increased coverage during the renovations.

Unless you’re doing everything alone, you will need to hire contractors and sometimes even family members to help you complete your renovation. During that time, they are all subject to mishaps and real accidents. By increasing your coverage to include more people and increased activity, you ensure that you’re covered in case your contractors or friends need medical attention.

Of course, you should also make sure that your legitimate and licensed contractors are bonded and insured as well. If they don’t carry contractor’s insurance, then you will be stuck with their bill.

Ready To Get Adequate Home Coverage?

If you live in Deer Park, TX and it’s time to remodel your home, we urge you to expand your home insurance coverage. If your home is not yet protected, call Shell Insurance Agency today. Our friendly agents are standing by and eager to help you with your home insurance needs.

What constitutes identity theft?

You look over your credit card statement and notice what appears to be unauthorized charges. At first, you consider the possibility of you buying items and then forgetting that you made such purchases. Then, reality hits. You were not in town when these purchases were made. You may be the victim of identity theft.

Identity theft strikes more than 16 million Americans every year and shows no signs of slowing down in the coming years. The digital age contributes to the increasing numbers as more consumers use credit and debit cards to make purchases. You may not be able to stop every instance of identity theft in Deer Park, TX. You can, however, know what constitutes identity theft and take action to protect yourself.

The agents at Shell Insurance Agency can help you find the identity theft insurance plan that protects your assets when the unexpected happens. Read on to learn more about identity theft.

What counts as identity theft?

You are the victim of identity theft in Deer Park, TX if unauthorized charges appear on your credit card or bank statement. Identity theft also extends to law and order where a person commits a crime in your name and, as a result of their wrongdoing, you are forced to deal with the repercussions.

Some victims of identity theft find themselves dealing with the consequences of warrants because of traffic fines they never received. Legal fees, in this instance, have a way of wreaking havoc.

How can you protect yourself?

The best way to guard yourself against the consequences of identity theft is to seek protection. The agents at Shell Insurance Agency can help you find the assurance policy that protects you in the unimaginable instance of you becoming a victim of identity theft. Call them today to learn more about this rising crime and to get started with a quote!

Coverage options for your comprehensive auto insurance

Insuring your auto for liability coverage is required in most states, this protects other drivers from you and your vehicle. No states mandate that you protect your vehicle from damage, though lenders and leaseholders will require you carry this coverage to protect their investment. Because it is not mandated, is it a good idea not to carry comprehensive insurance? In most cases, it is not a good idea and if you live in or near Deer Park, TX why not stop by the office of Shell Insurance Agency and discuss what this policy can do for you.

Most people need to have a vehicle to get to work, to school, to do the everyday things that life requires of them.  If your vehicle is damaged in an accident with another vehicle, the repair is covered either by the other party’s insurance, if they were in the wrong or by your collision insurance minus any deductible.

But what if your vehicle is damaged by something other than a collision? Something like a deer or other large animal, vandalism, fire or theft? These are the sort of unpredictable things that can happen and they are what is covered under comprehensive coverage. Another is glass damage, which is the most common claim under comprehensive coverage and often is not subject to the policy deductible.

What you have to consider is can you survive without your auto and do you have the means to replace your auto on your own. If you answered no, then you need to keep comprehensive insurance coverage on your vehicle along with your collision and liability.

If you have questions about the type and amount of coverage you need for your auto, why not give Shell Insurance Agency in Deer Park, TX a call or stop by their office. One of their agents will be happy to talk to you about the auto policy that is right for you.

How Do I Know If I’m In a Flood Plain?

Many people don’t think about living near a flood plain until a disaster occurs and they are threatened with devastating financial loss. It’s extremely important that you have the right type of insurance to fully protect your home and family. Residents of Deer Park, TX can contact the agents of Shell Insurance Agency if there are any questions at all about whether or not their home or business is in or even near a flood plain.

Types of Flood Plains

Flood plains normally surround rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water. If you live in an area that is known for heavy rainfall, low-lying areas may also be considered prone to flooding as well, especially if there are few outlets that allow the water to escape. Even if you don’t live next to a river or lake, your property may still be in what is considered a flood plain. Instead of risking your financial security, you should talk to your insurance agent about flood insurance and whether or not it’s in your best interest to have some type of flood insurance in place.

Check with FEMA

If you want to learn more about flood plains in your area, visit FEMA.gov. The website has valuable information about flood plains and will provide you with a topographical map showing where flood plains are in proximity to your property.

If you live in Deer Park, TX or any of the surrounding communities, contact the agents of Shell Insurance Agency today! They will answer any questions you may have about flood insurance, flood plains, and the best way to protect your property from various types of flood damage. Call and schedule an appointment today!

Is roof damage covered by my home insurance policy?

Roof damage can be a costly event in any homeowner’s life. But when you have the insurance coverage that you need, the situation can be a lot less stressful. A comprehensive home owner’s policy can provide the coverage that you need in order to protect yourself. The team at Shell Insurance Agency can provide the necessary guidance to ensure that your Deer Park, TX area home has the comprehensive coverage that you want and need to protect your home and family. Now is the perfect time to review your policy for completeness.

Roof damage coverage essentials

Roof damage coverage typically falls under the same category as other broad coverages that your home insurance policy provides. For example, if you have wind coverage, any roof damage that occurs due to a wind event will be covered under your home policy. We recommend that you undergo a home policy review to ensure that you have adequate coverage levels in place. It is always a great idea to fully understand your insurance coverage before you sustain any damage to your home! While insurance is a protection that we hope we never need, it is essential to have a comprehensive policy in place. Individual requirements will vary and working with a local agent can help you to gain a better understanding of your needs and the best policy and coverage levels that can meet them. Don’t wait until you experience roof damage to check the coverage levels and guidelines of your primary home insurance policy.

Interested in a policy review of your current home insurance policy to ensure that you have sufficient roof damage coverage? If you are in the greater Deer Park, TX area, call or stop by the Shell Insurance Agency today to find out more!

Did You Know About ID Theft Insurance?

Identity theft has been a problem well before this digital age, but now more people are vulnerable than ever before due to the way we are all connected online. Many people do not realize that in addition to the basic ways to protect themselves from identity theft, there is identity theft insurance at very little cost. At Shell Insurance Agency, we offer insurance for whatever life throws your way, including fraud and ID theft. We serve Deer Park, TX and the surrounding areas with top rated insurance services. 

What Exactly is ID Theft Insurance? 

ID Theft Insurance is a form of insurance designed to allow the protected to recoup some of the expenses or money lost that comes with becoming a victim of the crime. Depending on your exact coverage, you may recoup all of your losses and you may even qualify for a day off of work to deal with the issue. Depending on the exact specifics of your coverage, the insurance may also cover court costs as well. 

This type of insurance is vital because so much of our lives are tied to our credit scores. An Identity thief may go after your personal information to pull off medical fraud using your information to get medical care that you will be financially responsible for, they may steal enough information to receive your tax return, they can open credit cards in your name, and even access your bank in extreme cases. ID theft is no joke and we have your back if you are protected with us. 

Contact us at the Shell Insurance Agency to find out about adding ID Theft insurance to your current homeowner’s policy, or if you are interested in buying a stand-alone ID Theft policy. We are here for you, no matter what life throws your way. We serve Deep Park, TX and the surrounding areas. 

What to do after an accident

No one wants to have a car accident, but most people will have one or more at some point in their life. When an accident happens, it is a good idea to be prepared and know what to do and what not to do. The Shell Insurance Agency in Deer Park, TX understands that accidents happen and offers some tips for when they do happen. There were more than six million accidents reported in 2016; the last year stats were available.

The first thing is to determine if you are injured. That may sound silly, but you will probably be in shock for a few moments at least when an accident happens. You may not know if you are injured or not for a few minutes. You should then check on any passengers in your car. If you are seriously hurt — which is subjective — do not move or move as little as possible until help arrives.

If possible, move your car out of the line of traffic. You should then call 911 or the police. The other driver may be doing the same. It is ok to call the police to get an officers report even if the accident is a minor fender bender and no one is hurt.

Exchange all vital information with other drivers involved in the accident. Contact information, drivers license information, as well as insurance information,  can be shared without concern. Do not talk about whose fault the accident was, and do not admit you were at fault even if you think you might have been. The insurance companies and police will determine who is at fault.

The Shell Insurance Agency in Deer Park, TX is here to help you with all your automobile insurance needs. Contact us by phone, online, or in person, to get the coverage you need.