Coverage options for your comprehensive auto insurance

Insuring your auto for liability coverage is required in most states, this protects other drivers from you and your vehicle. No states mandate that you protect your vehicle from damage, though lenders and leaseholders will require you carry this coverage to protect their investment. Because it is not mandated, is it a good idea not to carry comprehensive insurance? In most cases, it is not a good idea and if you live in or near Deer Park, TX why not stop by the office of Shell Insurance Agency and discuss what this policy can do for you.

Most people need to have a vehicle to get to work, to school, to do the everyday things that life requires of them.  If your vehicle is damaged in an accident with another vehicle, the repair is covered either by the other party’s insurance, if they were in the wrong or by your collision insurance minus any deductible.

But what if your vehicle is damaged by something other than a collision? Something like a deer or other large animal, vandalism, fire or theft? These are the sort of unpredictable things that can happen and they are what is covered under comprehensive coverage. Another is glass damage, which is the most common claim under comprehensive coverage and often is not subject to the policy deductible.

What you have to consider is can you survive without your auto and do you have the means to replace your auto on your own. If you answered no, then you need to keep comprehensive insurance coverage on your vehicle along with your collision and liability.

If you have questions about the type and amount of coverage you need for your auto, why not give Shell Insurance Agency in Deer Park, TX a call or stop by their office. One of their agents will be happy to talk to you about the auto policy that is right for you.

How Do I Know If I’m In a Flood Plain?

Many people don’t think about living near a flood plain until a disaster occurs and they are threatened with devastating financial loss. It’s extremely important that you have the right type of insurance to fully protect your home and family. Residents of Deer Park, TX can contact the agents of Shell Insurance Agency if there are any questions at all about whether or not their home or business is in or even near a flood plain.

Types of Flood Plains

Flood plains normally surround rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water. If you live in an area that is known for heavy rainfall, low-lying areas may also be considered prone to flooding as well, especially if there are few outlets that allow the water to escape. Even if you don’t live next to a river or lake, your property may still be in what is considered a flood plain. Instead of risking your financial security, you should talk to your insurance agent about flood insurance and whether or not it’s in your best interest to have some type of flood insurance in place.

Check with FEMA

If you want to learn more about flood plains in your area, visit The website has valuable information about flood plains and will provide you with a topographical map showing where flood plains are in proximity to your property.

If you live in Deer Park, TX or any of the surrounding communities, contact the agents of Shell Insurance Agency today! They will answer any questions you may have about flood insurance, flood plains, and the best way to protect your property from various types of flood damage. Call and schedule an appointment today!

Is roof damage covered by my home insurance policy?

Roof damage can be a costly event in any homeowner’s life. But when you have the insurance coverage that you need, the situation can be a lot less stressful. A comprehensive home owner’s policy can provide the coverage that you need in order to protect yourself. The team at Shell Insurance Agency can provide the necessary guidance to ensure that your Deer Park, TX area home has the comprehensive coverage that you want and need to protect your home and family. Now is the perfect time to review your policy for completeness.

Roof damage coverage essentials

Roof damage coverage typically falls under the same category as other broad coverages that your home insurance policy provides. For example, if you have wind coverage, any roof damage that occurs due to a wind event will be covered under your home policy. We recommend that you undergo a home policy review to ensure that you have adequate coverage levels in place. It is always a great idea to fully understand your insurance coverage before you sustain any damage to your home! While insurance is a protection that we hope we never need, it is essential to have a comprehensive policy in place. Individual requirements will vary and working with a local agent can help you to gain a better understanding of your needs and the best policy and coverage levels that can meet them. Don’t wait until you experience roof damage to check the coverage levels and guidelines of your primary home insurance policy.

Interested in a policy review of your current home insurance policy to ensure that you have sufficient roof damage coverage? If you are in the greater Deer Park, TX area, call or stop by the Shell Insurance Agency today to find out more!

Did You Know About ID Theft Insurance?

Identity theft has been a problem well before this digital age, but now more people are vulnerable than ever before due to the way we are all connected online. Many people do not realize that in addition to the basic ways to protect themselves from identity theft, there is identity theft insurance at very little cost. At Shell Insurance Agency, we offer insurance for whatever life throws your way, including fraud and ID theft. We serve Deer Park, TX and the surrounding areas with top rated insurance services. 

What Exactly is ID Theft Insurance? 

ID Theft Insurance is a form of insurance designed to allow the protected to recoup some of the expenses or money lost that comes with becoming a victim of the crime. Depending on your exact coverage, you may recoup all of your losses and you may even qualify for a day off of work to deal with the issue. Depending on the exact specifics of your coverage, the insurance may also cover court costs as well. 

This type of insurance is vital because so much of our lives are tied to our credit scores. An Identity thief may go after your personal information to pull off medical fraud using your information to get medical care that you will be financially responsible for, they may steal enough information to receive your tax return, they can open credit cards in your name, and even access your bank in extreme cases. ID theft is no joke and we have your back if you are protected with us. 

Contact us at the Shell Insurance Agency to find out about adding ID Theft insurance to your current homeowner’s policy, or if you are interested in buying a stand-alone ID Theft policy. We are here for you, no matter what life throws your way. We serve Deep Park, TX and the surrounding areas. 

What to do after an accident

No one wants to have a car accident, but most people will have one or more at some point in their life. When an accident happens, it is a good idea to be prepared and know what to do and what not to do. The Shell Insurance Agency in Deer Park, TX understands that accidents happen and offers some tips for when they do happen. There were more than six million accidents reported in 2016; the last year stats were available.

The first thing is to determine if you are injured. That may sound silly, but you will probably be in shock for a few moments at least when an accident happens. You may not know if you are injured or not for a few minutes. You should then check on any passengers in your car. If you are seriously hurt — which is subjective — do not move or move as little as possible until help arrives.

If possible, move your car out of the line of traffic. You should then call 911 or the police. The other driver may be doing the same. It is ok to call the police to get an officers report even if the accident is a minor fender bender and no one is hurt.

Exchange all vital information with other drivers involved in the accident. Contact information, drivers license information, as well as insurance information,  can be shared without concern. Do not talk about whose fault the accident was, and do not admit you were at fault even if you think you might have been. The insurance companies and police will determine who is at fault.

The Shell Insurance Agency in Deer Park, TX is here to help you with all your automobile insurance needs. Contact us by phone, online, or in person, to get the coverage you need.

Misconceptions Of Flood Insurance

In areas of high risk, it is said that there is a 25 percent chance of flooding during the 30 years of a home mortgage. Waiting for a flood warning is too late before you consider flood insurance. Also, do not assume that your homeowner’s policy covers for the peril of flooding or assume that you must be in a floodplain to obtain flood insurance. These misconceptions risk the life of your home and your security. The United States has experienced 100-year floods, and the last thing a person was concerned about was flood insurance until the first flash flood ruined their home in an area that never flooded in a homeowner’s lifetime.  

Flood disasters have affected millions of Americans, and as a result, you have to keep up with any changes in the analysis of flood zones. Both Hurricane Katrina and Sandy have forced Congress to considered new legislation which affects the insurance profession. Insurance agents are your first source of changes in private flood insurance because the National Flood Insurance Program is said to be broken. FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has thousands of claims that are being disputed since 2005.

You should not assume that FEMA’s flood insurances cover all your losses. The loss of your physical structure is not insured over $250,000 which does not rebuild a $300,000 home or may not replace your possessions which are capped at $100,000. While "excess flood insurance" may be provided by private insurance, the $250,000 FEMA cap should be considered, in sad jest, as a "deductible." Further, what is meant by water damage? You must read your policy which may cover water damage coming through the roof but not the filling to the second story of your house with water. Further, your flood insurance policy may not cover relocation or replace your refrigerator in the basement.

The agents of Shell Insurance Agency in Deer Park, TX will provide advice and support when facing a potential flooding disaster. Please call!

Does My Home Insurance Cover My Pets?

Many households in Texas have pets like cats or dogs, which are typically treated as members of the family. As much as you see your German shepherd, ferret, or tortoise as part of your family, your home insurance policy may not be as considerate.

So, are my pets covered?

Generally speaking, pets are covered under home insurance policies. Most insurance firms give liability coverage if your pet bites a visitor at your home or damages the property of your neighbor.

However, household pets have some particular risks, and some kinds of pets are seen to have more risk than others. As a result, insurance firms might charge you more premium or utterly refuse to give you coverage if you have a particular dog breed or exotic creature that they consider more likely to injure people. For example, a cobra may be deemed too risky.

In most situations, insurance providers might not even assess the demeanor of your pet before they decide to approve or deny insurance coverage. Preferably, they are more likely to consider insurance claims made for specific pets.

All policies are different. Therefore, you should get in touch with your insurance provider first to ask what sort of pets can receive coverage. Shell Insurance Agency can work with you to find a policy that can handle your pet situation in the Houston, TX area and throughout the state.

What does your home insurance cover?

It is important to note that while your home insurance will provide liability coverage in the case your pet ruins somebody else’s property or injures somebody, it generally does not cover damage done to your own home or an occupant in your home. For instance, if your Cocker Spaniel chews on your furniture or bites your 12-year old child, you will have to cover the expenses yourself.

Shell Insurance Agency is here to answer all your home insurance questions for residents of Houston, TX and throughout the area. Contact us today to learn more.